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Moscow Jazz Journalists Association

JAZZ'EAR-99 AWARDS, Moscow, May 19, 2000: report by Cyril Moshkow

GREETINGS from Howard Mandel (JJA, New York)

This is MJJA's official site on the Web. MJJA unites people who write on jazz in Russian and regard this as their job and/or profession.

MJJA was created in 1997 by three founding members, all of them belonging to different generations of Russian jazz writers:

  • Dmitry Ukhov - Chairman of MJJA
  • Mikhail Mitropolsky
  • and Cyril Moshkow.

Dmitry UkhovMr. Ukhov is very active as writer, freelance music critic (dozens of Russian and international publications), radio presenter (Radio of Russia etc.), educator (Moscow Academic University), and producer (Alternativa New Music Festival). You can learn more on his personal Web page.

Mikhail MitropolskyMr. Mitropolsky is a radio presenter (Radio of Russia and Mayak - both Russian nationwide state-owned channels - nad Moscow Speaking, capital's city station), TV person (he hosts a weekly show at Prometeus, TV channel which is spreaded through most of Russia's territory) and educator (Moscow Improvised Music College). He also writes extensively for Jazz Complete, Russia's only Jazz Web zine, and other publications.

Cyril MoshkowMr. Moshkow, who serves a secretary to MJJA and this site Web master, runs Russia's leading Web resource on jazz music, Jazz In Russia. He also writes for Jazz Quadrad, the only Russian printed magazine on jazz, as well as for countless Russian and international publications (including DownBeat). You can learn more about him on his Web page.

Other members and experts of MJJA include:

Peter Gannushkin (aka Shkin), Jazz Complete's correspondent, New York
Eugene Dolgikh, JazzQuadrad magazine (Minsk, Belarus), editor-in-chief
Mikhail Green, radio presenter (Moscow, Radio Nadezhda)
Alexey Kolosov (radio presenter, Radio of Russia - more than 90 million listeners)
Arkady Petrov, freelance journalist, Moscow (retired)
Vladimir Korneev, freelance journalist, Moscow
Anna Aladova, correspondent, JazzQuadrad (Minsk, Belarus)
Anatoly Veitsenfeld, Audio Producer Magazine, editor-in-chief (Moscow)
Vladimir Feyertag, freelance critic & jazz historian, St.Petersburg
Valery Rybakov, Jazz Complete's correspondent, Siberia
Artyom Lipatov, music critic, Playboy Russia (Moscow)
Mikhail Viesel, freelance journalist (Moscow)
Vladimir Kaushansky, Moscow Jazz Engagement, press secretary
and others.

2000, Moscow Jazz Journalists Association

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